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Liam’s life with Autism

I love Liam’s story because of the simple, poetic wording and clever illustrations used to educate children and adults on the challenging behaviors of a child with autism due to their inability to communicate. Stephanie Abreu, M.S., CCC-SLP ?This book has the making of a great introductory tool to inform and raise awareness about the significance Autism plays in a child’s ability to socialize and the severe challenges a child faces when the signs are ignored. Liam’s story becomes our story because it makes his silence a physical experience touching the heart of the unaware, where the Heart is made to roar in advocacy.? Jannis B. Winstead, PT., DPT, PTA, M.Div As a parent of a ?4 year old boy? who has Autism, I found this book ?Liam’s Life with Autism, Sensory Overload? a must read for children and adults. This book helps you understand what some children with Autism are going through and feeling. Liam’s Life with Autism Sensory Overload, just awesome. Rosalyn Lee Saintcyr

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